Mend the Gap!
Oct. 6-8, 2023
Branding & identity
Art direction
2nd place in the York DESNATHON
Group members: Lili Crosby, Luciana Loucel, Jocelyn Zin

Mend the Gap! (MTG) is a community engagement campaign specializing in community-centred design and dedicated to resident-led change.

Residents of Jane and Finch—especially vulnerable, marginalized communities—need community engagement and decision-making initiatives in a post-pandemic world to foster greater interpersonal connections as well as greater relations to the physical space of the neighbourhood.

Our aspirations extend beyond this area, with the aim of expanding Mend the Gap nationwide to undeveloped neighbourhoods and districts throughout Canada. However, we are currently engaged in the development of a campaign targeted specifically for Jane and Finch and their community. 

Posters: Jocelyn Zin
Map by Jocelyn Zin and Luciana Loucel
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