Magazine Feature
Oct. 2022- Nov. 2022
My magazine feature uses Francesco Pellizi's essay "Black and White All Over: Poetry and Desolation Painting" which details Basquiat's unparalleled contributions to art and pop culture.

I thought that Pellizi’s prose had a specific and deliberate tone. Instead of focusing on the playfulness of Basquiat’s work, I sensed a deeper understanding of the darker themes in his work. I wanted a desolate, uptight contemporary design that reflected the content tonally and visually. I was encouraged to be more daring with my pull quotes by making them unevenly spaced. The odd spacing between words reflects the idiosyncrasy of Basquiat’s work. I avoided designing an homage to Basquiat's style— which would pale in comparison to his artwork— by instead matching the tone of Pellizi's writing.
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