Feb. 2023- Apr. 2023
Branding & identity
Art direction
Product Designer
RGD Student Awards: Honourable Mentions for the Award for Strategic Design
Group members: Lili Crosby, Luciana Loucel, Jocelyn Zin, Dena Salami, Shane Khan

Flush is an app trying to solve one problem everybody faces: finding a washroom in public. Containing numerous washrooms all around your city, Flush is an easy way to get rid of any stress you have when you just need to go.

While discussing the potential problems to address for this project, our group members resonated with a shared, difficult experience: finding a public washroom in times of utmost desperation. From this, we decided to research how often people use washrooms, the repercussions that come with not going to the washroom in a timely fashion, the range of amenities and features provided at public washrooms, and the obstacles/difficulties that users face.
Research question:
What are people’s experiences with finding/using public washrooms, and how can we improve them?
Problem statement:
Users need a simple and efficient way of finding public washrooms that meet their specific needs because they often experience dissatisfaction with the available/unavailable wayfinding options and accommodations.
Figma prototype:
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